Evimero’s Pet Microbiome Solutions

The only true optimized microbiome solution for your pet’s gut health

Gut Health Is About More Than Good Bacteria

  • The microbiome is a complex ecosystem that includes not only bacteria (friendly and unfriendly), but also viruses, yeasts and other fungi.
  • A “balanced” microbiome must include these non-bacterial microbes.
  • An unhealthy pet microbiome contains many toxic substances that damage the pet’s gut and promote inflammation throughout the body, which speeds aging and slows normal function.
  • A properly balanced microbiome, then, requires regulation of all those compounds, to slow or prevent the long-term damage.

Our Solution is Made with Natural Immune-Supporting Egg Proteins

Evimero’s pet product solution is based on specialized egg ingredients that contain natural compounds that help balance the pet gut microbiome:

  • Yolkin is a natural egg yolk protein fraction (peptide) with proven immune-stimulating, cognition-supporting, and antiviral activity
  • Active immune-boosting proteins help suppress growth of harmful bacteria and clean out destructive compounds to restore microbiome balance
  • Our solution targets the deleterious compounds produced by imbalanced microbiomes, and allows them to be swept away in the gut

Why PetBiomeFirstTM

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